Everyone knows who Mario is. Decades ago this has been the most sought after character in any video games. Due to its popularity a mini-series was also created intended for Mario and Luigi. After the era of family computer declines, Mario and the rest of the gang was put into shelve.

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Good thing with the Wii, the adventures of Mario had been relieved for kids and kids at heart alike. As such this has been tagged as the Super Mario Galaxy. It currently has two versions and the latest of the collection is the Super Mario Galaxy 2. If we are to compare the two, the latter eventually is more challenging and more varied. This alone makes it double the fun.

This holds the same concept as its predecessor. In fact almost everything can be tagged and compare like the engine used and controls. The only thing that sets this one apart from its previous version is it is more enjoyable and fantastic. This is perhaps taken from the mere fact that its creator learned so many thing s with the first version. At least they realized what needs to be improved, fixed and consider as well.

The game itself is very enjoyable even with the very first version. As such players tend to roam to different areas that are very creative and colourful in nature. You may jump to various places like planetoids with refined gameplay mechanics. With the Super Mario Galaxy 2, the game is taken a notch higher as it commences with new addition. The new version would be interactive as evident by its introduction. Players can actually control Mario in a 2D view as they learn a whole new play mechanism. Nonetheless another good thing about this one is that it will guide you throughout the process of playing. Much more your learning will not be forced within the game.

Another thing to look forward to in this new version is the game’s progression. It is in here where the transition was actually simplified as a player moves to different worlds. This is almost like the 2D maps in various Mario games like the Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. Perhaps you would also like to try its Play For me Mode that is somewhat taken from the New Super Mario Bros Wii. Nonetheless with all these features and even more, the game in itself is really fun even though it holds the same concept and challenge. Majority of the levels are evidently seen in the previous version such as the concept of galaxy exploration along with new twists and mechanics.

Overall, I must say that the Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a total improvement of the previous one. With that said it would be wise to really get yourself a new copy as you will definitely enjoy the game. If ever you find satisfaction and challenge from the previous one, no doubt you will also experience the same in this second version of the game.

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 The Super Mario Galaxy 2