How to unlock and fix wii is a common question to all Wii players.  For sure, every Wii players is searching for the safest and the easiest way to unlock your Wii. There are so many ways of unlocking your Wii. You can use softwares in doing it. You don’t have to worry because this software is for free. So, practically, you can have everything you want.

However, there is a downside into it. If you happen mess up you may brick your Wii. It is importabt that you are installing softwares that is being approved by Nintendo. If not, Nintendo store will refuse to repair your Wii even if your warranty is still void.

I think the best way to unlock your Wii is not to unlock with mod chip. Because if something happens with the mod chip after soldering the system, you cannot give it to Nintendo for repairs as well.  

One safe option I know is soft mod Wii. This process is quite complicated unless you know what you are doing.  I would highly recommend that you get a reliable guide in doing so.

Make sure that the method you are using to unlock your Wii is compatible your current system update. Unlocking your wii with the wrong system may lock your system.  In choosing methods to use, opt for the method that won’t impact the quality of your Wii’s performance just like using modchips. 

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