One gets a European release, the other an American release. Why? Because Tecmo

Fans of the Survival Horror genre rejoyce, for Tecmo has announced that both the Wii and 3DS Fatal Frame titles will be localised into English. The 3DS game, Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir, will be showing up in America around April, but has no European date. For those of you keeping track, this is the one which came out with a small physical book in Japan that became the centre of a horror story that took place IN YOUR OWN HOME using the magic of the AR camera. While no game could possibly live up to that premise, it might well be one of the more interesting uses of the hardware to date.

The Wii game is called Fatal Frame: Crimson Butterfly and is a remake of the earlier PS2 Fatal Frame by the same name. In addition to Wiimote gimmicks and the magic of 480p, the remake also adds a co-op mode to the game, which promises to be weird as hell. This one is slated for June in Europe but has no American date.

How these dates translate into local releases is still up in the air, but Crimson Butterfly at least should be fairly close.