Super Mario boosts 3DS in Japan, American sales gaining great traction

Sales of the Nintendo 3DS in both America and Japan have been getting better and better over the past month. Nintendo of America has announced 250,000 Nintendo 3DS units were sold in the past month alone. This means that unless they magically stop selling next week, the Nintendo 3DS will have sold more so far than the Nintendo DS did in it’s original year. Although, you’ve got to remember though that the Nintendo DS didn’t really take off until it’s second or third holiday season, so if the 3DS can match that we’ll be impressed. The Wii did about the same, selling ’nearly 250,000’ and the DS has slowed down to a surprisingly solid 180,000 units.

Meanwhile in Japan Super Mario 3D Land has released, leading to a sales explosion. In just the past week (not month like America) Nintendo Japan has shifted just over 145,000 Nintendo 3DS consoles while Super Mario 3D Land has stormed the charts, moving 342,492 in the last week. Very nice. Sales of the Nintendo 3DS in Japan have slowly been increasing on a week by week basis, owing dually to an the release of more games and pretty colours.

With Love Plus, Monster Hunter Tri G and Mario Kart 7 still to come, the world better watch out.

Source: Andriansang