More one-time peripherals to crowd your accessory drawer!

With the upcoming release of the heavenly shooter Kid Icarus: Uprising, Nintendo has also chosen to distribute a small, plastic stand for the console, designed to alleviate stress from holding the system in one hand. This will be bundled with the game on launch, and released on its own in Japan on the 22nd of March. Due to the gameplay requiring the player to control Pit with the left analog pad and aim with the stylus, this is a necessary evil. Now if only this existed back in the hand-cramping days of Metroid Prime: Hunters multiplayer.

There is no word yet if the Western world will see this admittedly somewhat silly peripheral on its own, but it wouldnt be too surprising, seeing as there are a great deal of 3DS users who prefer to play at home, due largely in part to the average battery life. Its being bundled with Kid Icarus: Uprising if you simply must have it!