WayForward developing the game, with a few twists

SEGA today announced that Aliens: Infestation will be coming to Nintendo DS in September this year. The press release outs WayForward and Gearbox Software as developers for the title, which will feature 19 playable marines and a number of iconic environments, such as the Sulaco, the Derelict ship and LV-426.

SEGA has stated that this version of Aliens will be the definitive Aliens experience, as well as having a focus on the expanded universe. The side-scrolling exploration game is apparently quite keen on the Metroid influence, with areas sealed off by obstacles that require a special tool or ability to access.

As well as featuring permanent deaths for the aforementioned 19 marines (similar to Fire Emblem), adding a little more reality to the game, the game is heavy on the fanservice. Key concepts like welding the door open like Vasquez, and grenades you can launch, it is easy to see that AI has had a lot of heart poured into it.

Lets hope its good enough to give DS a bit of a boost late in its lifecycle.