Zelda director shares his thoughts on Wii U potential

In the latest issue of Nintendo Power, long-time Zelda director Eiji Aonuma has commented on the Wii U and some of his thoughts regarding bringing Zelda to the system.

Hes particularly excited about the consoles ability to take advantage of two screens. Aonuma commented that they "really allow[s] for some different interactions" and cited some examples such as "having the contents of Links satchel available to you on the screen of your controller", allowing you to interact with gameplay on the television via the pouch.

Aounuma also feels that the controller itself could "[become] the different items that Link is using", in turn allowing for unique gameplay by interacting with the game world in a very different, unprecedented way.

However, this is most likely completely speculation as development on a new Zelda title wont commence until Aounumas current project, Skyward Sword is complete.

Source: Nintendo Everything