Could it be Assassins Creed? Or are Ubisoft making something new?!

Assassins Creed helper studio (picture what Treyarch used to be for Call of Duty) Ubisoft Quebec are staffing up for a "AAA" Wii U MMORPG, the second underway for the yet to launch console. Is everyone just hoping to recreate World of Warcrafts success by dominating a new online enabled platform, or might Nintendo have secretly set up a killer online infrastructure? We dont like to speculate here at Vooks, just hope.

The ten positions on offer dont really offer up much more of a hint, but its hard not to wonder whether this will form the next step in Ubisofts increasingly fervent attempts to make as much money off Assassins Creed as they can. I mean, thats the companys only obvious "AAA" franchise that could be converted into an MMO. Unless of course AAA is merely in reference to production values, in which case you can expect a Just Dance vs uDraw MMO sometime in the none too distant launch lineup.

Well keep our eyes peeled, for tid bits and templars both. Stay safe.

Source: Ubisoft Quebec via GAF