Bought a 3DS before August 11th? Missed the deadline? One last shot remains

Despite lots of coverage on the internet some people have missed out on the Nintendo Ambassador program, other wise known as the ’Free NES and GBA games for buying a 3DS early’ program. But fear not, if you didn’t connect your 3DS to the eShop before the cutoff then here’s what you have to do.

Remember if you bought a 3DS after the price drop, there’s no way to get the free games.

- If you accessed the Nintendo e-shop at any time before August 11, you’re automatically on the Ambassador Program. That’s not new, but probably worth reiterating.

- If you didn’t access the eShop, you no longer need to fill out any forms or PDF form. All you need to do is send Nintendo your receipt, along with your name, email address and the serial number of your 3DS.

- Credit card statements or any other statements aren’t viable methods of proof of purchase — even if they feature a letterhead.

- Nintendo also recommended keeping a photocopy of your receipt since they won’t be able to send any back.

- You have until September 30 to register.

- You must send your receipt and information to the following address:

Attention: Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program
 804 Stud Road, Scoresby, VIC, 3179

Thanks to Kotaku AU for getting all of that information. Remember, you can check your registration status here, and if you’re enrolled the free games are on the way at least from Thursday.