Switch your 3DS region to the UK, get Shantae and others, be warned though!

Success Australia! If Wayforward wont bring us Shantaes Risky Revenge, we will damn well figure out how to get it ourselves! With the launch of the Nintendo eShop today, Australians can now get their hands on the game. Its really simple too but theres a couple of catches.

To get Shantae and other games that havent been released in Australia, all you have to do is switch your Nintendo 3DSs profile to somewhere in Europe. We used the UK for example and were able to load up the store and see the game (didnt download it because I dont need another copy). However its not that simple, first off if you switch your region and reconnect to the eShop you will lose any credits you have and youll lose any games in your wishlist that arent in the region youre swapping too. We couldnt do this on the Nintendo DSi as we had an Australian specific firmware.

You could potentially save even more money by switching to a region that has a favourable exchange rate to Australia. If youre worried about how to pay, fear not as weve used an Australian credit card on a Japanese and American 3DS today with no problems.

So if youre desperate for Shantae, get a switching. Just be careful with those credits!