Jump into the third dimension Mario-style in the cheapest way possible

Super Mario 3D Land is upon us, well, kind of, but let’s play along and say that it’s out this Thursday, and of course you want to get it for the cheapest possible price, right? Well that’s where this guide comes in. So what’s it going to be? Are you going to import and wait, or nip down to the store this Thursday and grab the cheapest copy from the prices below. Target has a great price - we don’t think it can be beaten (unless you want to wait 10 days and save $2). Let’s take a look.

Target (best price)

Super Mario 3D Land - $49

Never mind that the catalogue says it’s a DS game, this is hands down the cheapest price. There’s also Ocarina of Time 3D there for $49.95. That’s pretty cheap too.


Super Mario 3D Land - $54

Dick Smith

Super Mario 3D Land - $54.94


Super Mario 3D Land - $58

JB Hi-Fi

Super Mario 3D Land - $59

EB Games

Super Mario 3D Land + Plush Tanooki Hat - $68

ozgameshop.com (import)

Super Mario 3D Land - $46.99

We looked at Big W and a few others and were unable to find their prices. As always, keep an eye on this page for more updates or let us know in the comments if you find it cheaper.