Genuine interest or just brown nosing? You decide

Whether or not Battlefield 3 comes to the Wii U in the future is still up in the air at this point, however a Battlefield 3 producer has said in a new interview he wishes he had a new idea for the controller which would exploit it to its very best. "We definitely see potential in the Wii U," he’s told Offical Nintendo Magazine.

"We’re definitely looking into what kind of new stuff we can do with Wii U. I don’t have that idea yet.

"Nintendo has surprised us so many times before. I was one of the sceptics when the Wii came out and it proved us wrong. I think they’re going to prove a lot of sceptics wrong again."

EA President Frank Gibeau has previously said good things about the Wii U and how it could be used in the Battlefielld series as well.

One problem? The Wii U is due out sometime next year, Battlefield 3 is out in a few weeks.

Source: ONM