December convention celebrates first Pokemon appearance

If you’re a fan of announced announcements, then boy do I have a doozy for you. Slightly less than a month in advance, the Internet has discovered that there’ll be a "big surprise" in store at Jump Festa’s first ever Pokémon booth. For those not familiar with the Japanese gaming landscape, Jump Festa is a gaming and anime expo hosted in December every year, sponsored by the Jump family of Manga magazines. It’s a hotspot for game, manga and anime announcements, with Square Enix and Namco Bandai usually making strong showings.

This year’s Pokémon announcement will mark the first appearance of the rapidly increasing number of miniscule monsters at the expo though, so hopefully there’ll be a pretty sweet announcement to celebrate. Smart money’s on "Pokémon Grey" for either of Nintendo’s portables, although the series has been going in some crazy directions, with the success of the Mystery Dungeon series as well as spin-offs like Dash, and the upcoming Pokémon Tap for Japanese smartphones.

Myself? I’m hoping for sequels to Pokémon Snap or the Game Boy renditions of the Trading Card Game. I lost a lot of hours to those.

Jump Festa begins on December 17, so watch this space.

Source: N-Europe