Bundle announced for Europe only, includes new Wii revision

Nintendo have unleashed yet another Wii bundle slated only for Europe, this time featuring a new blue Wii alongside the hotly anticipated mini game collection Mario and Sonic at the 2012 Olympics. While there’s no prices out there yet, it has been put down for the 18th of November, if you feel the need to import a Wii for its fancy colour. Keep in mind that if this bundle does make it over here, it will be the first to include the latest Wii hardware revision, which lies on its side and won’t play Melee anymore.

So think twice. It’s interesting to see Nintendo shifting these bundles out of the core user base as the Wii’s traditional life cycle starts slowing down and it’s transitioned into something akin to the PS2’s post PS3 years. Expect more colour based bundles, potentially more redesigns which strip out features only used by the few and definitely more bundles with packed in mini game collections.

Insert your own sarcastic remark about the Wii’s launch bundle if you care too. To reiterate, there’s no stated plans for an Aussie release, but as Vooks always says, Nintendo’s a crafty bunch when it comes to getting rid of extra PAL stock.

Source: Gamereactor