The game will be on a PAL console, unedited, for the first time

Classic SNES RPG Chrono Trigger is making its way to the European Wii Virtual Console this Friday, marking the first time this gem has ever been released on a PAL console (in its original form). The game will sell for a premium of 900 Points as opposed to the standard 800 Points for SNES games, presumably because of the cost of getting the original ready for launch in Europe.

The game takes place in a fantasy world and takes you through many different time eras of the same locations. You start the game at a medieval-era fair and end up in all sorts of times, including a futuristic period. As usual, you’re tasked with saving the world from imminent destruction.

There’s no word on whether we’ll be getting Chrono Trigger on the VC in Australia. But in the meantime, we did get a DS port with extra features in 2009, and that might be all you need anyway.