All shirts coming in gold boxes made in the Famicom box factory. Why? Why Not?!

Nintendos major shirt partner, The King of Games, has designed a doozy to commemorate Zeldas 25th Anniversary this year. Appropriately called The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary, the features the Master Sword and Hylian Shield, as well the names of each of the Triforce Parts on the front. Around these elements are most of the series items, woven into a leafy vine. Although since were on the Internet here, you should probably just scroll your eyes down 50 pixels and glance upon its glory.

The shirts sizes start at XS and go all the way up to XL, so apologies to all you XXL Zelda fans. Youre going to have to be a bit of a fan though, as while theres no price yet on this particular beauty, other King of Games shirts will set you back $88 including shipping. While preorders are going up on Christmas Eve, dont get this confused with a Christmas present, as its not set to ship until June next year. Perhaps just a bit too late.

Perhaps of interest, the shirt is shipping in a fancy gold cardboard box, which is put together in the same factory that the original NES boxes were assembled. Which is not perhaps the most interesting tid bit on its lonesome, but if youre inclined to check out the actual box, it looks like just the same kinda gold that was used for that Ocarina of Time print for the N64. Which is good memories for everyone.

Source: King of Games via NintendoLife