Excitebots Trick Racing coming to the Japanese rewards program

If you haven’t heard about Excitebots, you just need some more excitement in your life. Excitebots was released in America only, and despite being a kick ass game, Nintendo Europe (and therefore Australia) never chose to release it anywhere else. The game is now coming to the Japanese Club Nintendo as a 1000 Point gift. That’s pretty hefty but it may be the only way the Japanese get to experience the game.

Excitebots Trick Racing is a semi-sequel to the launch game ExciteTruck and featured online multiplayer and lots of crazy animal-based robots racing around causing all sorts of grief. The game was released at the peak of the Wii and would probably have got lost in the Wii Fit onslaught.

You know what would be awesome? If the game ever games out on our Club Nintendo. We can dream right? Despite the game not coming out in Australia, we put up out own Excitebots Trick Racing Review anyway.