Multi tier brawler by the art designer of 9 Doors 9 People 9 Hours

Agashima Entertainment, who I’d never heard of before the week began have announced Code of Princess, a side scrolling brawler seemingly inspired by cult classic Guardian Heroes. That the action takes place on a few planes, which you can switch between, alongside the numeric health and mana values in the top left practically confirms it. Furthermore, one of the screenshots looks like it contains a NPC ally! So if you were hankering for some sweet Guardian Heroes action after last week’s XBLA/PSN release, this could well be your fix. Also, I imagine you can do some really cool stuff with the multiple planes on the 3DS.

Also, four player co-op. Is it online? Who knows? Since it’s from Japan maybe not?

Hell if a Monster Hunter game can ship without online in 2011, any game can. We can only pray.

Although details are pretty sketchy, it does seem that Kinu Nishimura is heading up both world and character design on the title, which is pretty rad. Kinu’s the lady responsible for a pretty huge amount of Street Fighter’s designs, going all the way back to SF 2. One of her most recent projects is a personal favourite of mine, 9 Hours, 9 Doors, 9 Persons, which had some really amazing illustrations (as visual novels have to).

Warning! Editorialisation!

It does seem really odd, coming straight off such restrained character designs to suddenly bust out the titular (pun intended) princess, whose ecchi factor is as extreme as Bayonetta’s, but apparently without any of the irony. That she’s worked on almost all of Cammy’s many iterations is probably a fair counterpoint, but nonetheless it’s a more than a tad dissapointing to see in on a project where she seems to have such control.
Rant Over!

Usual disclaimer about no Australian release, although for once we have a date. It’s only for Japan, but it seems the game might be released in Autumn next year. Pretty close to being done then.

Source: Andriasang , GoNintendo