Might be difficult not to now that hes brought it up

The Creative Director for Darksiders 2, Joe Madureira has said he hopes you wont feel the need to compare the game to the Zelda series anymore. The previous game was frequently reduced to "Zelda meets God of War" in the press, in both positive and negative lights. Speaking to ONM, Madureira said that he believes that the original Darksiders could stand on its own as a reference point and he was more interested in how much the sequel improved over the original. He thinks that a "ten times bigger and better" is probably a fair number, although as a person who played the original, that would be a very long game.

"Ill be curious to see what were compared to this time" he said, which makes me wonder; what rad new things could Darksiders 2 have cloned from other games that he hasnt revealed yet? The game will launch with the Wii U later this year.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine