Unprecedented pricing for games and hardware, starting from next Monday

Retailer Dick Smith from this Monday will no longer be stocking any games. So what are they going to be doing with all their stock? Selling it for absolutely crazy prices. Really really crazy prices. Ecogamer has the entire list which consists of games from every platform, but some highlights for Nintendo fans include;

- Nintendo DSi Hardware Pink, Blue $20  Black, White $40 (The Fu..)
- Nintendo Wii Console $129
- Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box $5
- Nintendogs+Cats (all versions) $10
- Super smash Bros Brawl $15
- Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver $10
- Metroid Other M $5
- Wii Classic Controller $5

There’s also cheap Xbox 360’s ($100), PSP’s ($40) and many many more bargains.

Since EcoGamer is now down, here’s the links to the images.

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The sales starts April 2nd, so scope out your local Dick Smith store for what you want, check it on the list and be there first thing Monday we say. This is madness!