Strap on your Poltergust 3000 in the sequel to the cult classic

We are finally seeing a sequel to the under-appreciated GameCube launch title, imaginatively named Luigi’s Mansion 2.

A brief teaser was played across the theatre back wall before a trailer was shown, which showed Luigi getting up to his part-time ghost-capturing antics. Some new ghost varieties were shown, including beefier, brute-like red ghosts and mummies, located in some sort of crypt-like area.

Nintendo also confirmed that this time around, Luigi will be busting poltergeists in more than one mansion; all in lovely 3D of course. As quoted by big boss Reggie himself,"Luigi’s Mansion 2 is not a simple revision. It’s an entirely new game, making extraordinary use of 3D, and featuring not just one, but several new mansions." Here’s hoping that hilarious "investigate" animation is still included.

No release window was specified by Nintendo.