Because were a sharing and caring bunch - find out when you have to stay up!

It’s not long now folks, E3 kicks off next week and from Monday there are events and conferences planned all through the week. The big one we care about here at Vooks is the Nintendo one and we’ve naturally listed the times for that, however since we’re the ’sharing-and-caring’ type of people we’re going to give you times for everyone and for most regions in the world. Yes even for Sony and Microsoft conferences.

Thanks to the affable chap, Clipper from NeoGAF, we have the below chart for you to plot your E3 viewing pleasure. For Australians, most of the events are in the wee hours of the morning, but that’s all part of the fun.

Posted Image

Vooks will have a live blog for the Nintendo conference and we’ll be keep an eye on the other companies for any news that might be Cafe, 3DS, DS or Wii related. Obviously, the Sony and Microsoft conferences won’t be having any of that.

Now who’s joining us for some late night fun for the Nintendo conference?