Release details are scarce, so will it come out this year?

Nintendo has posted a new trailer for its town life sim game Animal Crossing 3DS (working title).

The game looks much the same as the previous titles in the series, with the only new addition seen in the trailer being that you can now swim. In the trailer the character jumps from a pier into the ocean and has a paddle around. The character also dives below the surface. Perhaps there will be new things to collect in the sea? No word on if you can swim in the town’s river yet, but that would certainly make crossing it a whole lot easier.

Further details about the game have not been revealed. No release date was announced and the game was not even talked about during Nintendo’s press conference, leading us to believe this is a 2012 title. So it looks like you may be waiting a while before you can yet again go horribly, horribly into debt with evil mastermind and shop owner Nook.