Its on in just a few hours, follow all the live news here on Vooks

In just a few hours, Nintendo will take to the stage to show off its next console. We were lucky enough last year to have Nintendo show off a new portable so two years in a row we’ll be lucky enough to get a new system to play on.

But this year is also important for two other reasons; we’ll most likely get that Skyward Sword release date and the Nintendo 3DS will get a second chance to shine. It needs it too. We’re hoping Nintendo will blow us away on all fronts, we really want to say ’wow’.

We’re using the CoverIt Live System again, since it worked so well during last year and allows for great reader interaction so you guys can comment and vote on things happening during the event. I’ll be using Twitter to update it, so if you can’t view the site, hop onto Twitter to read all the updates. All the links you need will be below to watch the event live too.

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