HD graphics and new controller made Miyamoto switch Pikmin to Wii U

Nintendo has just wrapped up their Developer Q&A that alway reveals something juicy, again this year is no different. Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that Pikmin 3 is indeed now coming to the Wii U instead of the original Wii. He wanted to release Pikmin this year as it was 10 years old and would have on the Wii, but with the new HD graphics and new controller he thinks that Pikmin is best suited for the Wii U.

Miyamoto told the press and developers in attendance that "[I] Think that’s the perfect system for Pikmin, so we’re going to make it for that".

Miyamoto also said that the corporate side of him didn’t want to announce the game for Wii U, but the other part of him does. So he did.

According to the developer the Wii version was far along so it shouldn’t be too long of a wait for the game on the Wii U.

However, waiting for the Wii U might be a bit longer.