Nintendo designers confirm the storage size of the new discs

The Wii U is going to be HD and moving forward - DVDs are just not enough for full HD graphics. Look at the Xbox 360 which has switched to newer discs to get an extra gigabytes onto them. Good thing Nintendo knows this and is planning on making disc that are a huge 25 gigabytes. Despite that being the same capacity as a single-layer Blu-ray disc, it isn’t going to be that technology.

That obviously means there will be no Blu-ray player or possibly even a DVD player in the console. The news of the disc size was confirmed by Katsuya Eguchi, a chief game designer at Nintendo who told Kotaku the good news.

Eguchi, however, declined to comment on the system’s internal flash memory which is currently rumoured to be pegged at 8 GB. Nintendo has only confirmed that whatever space it does have will be expandable with a USB drive.