Want to get in on some multiplayer action on Wii U? Hold onto your Wii Remote

That fancy new Wii U controller? It’s going to be expensive - so how about trying to get four of them on one Wii U? Well it looks like you can’t, yet. Nintendo hasn’t officially confirmed this but it looks like, for now, only one Wii U controller can be used on the console at any one time. To supplement the Wii U controllers in games such as New Super Mario Bros. Mii, you have to use ordinary Wii Remotes for the rest of the players.

Nintendo has also confirmed that the Wii U controller won’t be sold separately to start with. This is potentially a huge thing as it means that while there is of course multiplayer on the system, not everyone will be able to have their own Wii U controller, and that’s if they could even afford them.

Nintendo’s own marketing material only shows one Wii U controller in play as well.

So is this a big problem? It’s a problem for sure, but we’ll wait and see what Nintendo has to say. Like everything Wii U at the moment, it’s something to think about.

Source: Neogaf