EA boss gives us the first details on Nintendos new online system

During Nintendo’s E3 press conference EA CEO John Riccitiello spilled the first vague details about Nintendo’s new online network for the Wii U.

Nintendo gamers have been clamouring for a proper online network from Nintendo for a long time now and the EA boss revealed the new network will be an “open” platform with all the features you’d come to expect from other consoles, like leaderboards and matchmaking. Nothing more substantial was said, and no information about potential friend codes was revealed. Mr Riccitiello did seem to suggest though that the system will compare with other consoles. Perhaps the “open” comment means we will finally get proper online Nintendo profiles and do away with restrictive friend codes.

In some good news, one of the titles in the game trailer reel shown off for the Wii U was Ghost Recon Online, a free-to-play online-only title that is coming to the PC as well. It bodes well for the Wii U, because if a title like that can be possible on Nintendo’s next console, it would need to have a sufficiently advanced online network in place.

More news on the Wii U as it comes.