EAs John Riccitiello believes the console reaches a whole new level

By now youve probably heard that EA is enthusiastic to develop for the Wii U (if their E3 presentation is anything to go by), and CEO John Riccitiello is backing this 100%. Riccitiello has said that, while he enjoys motion input, he has always stood by the "old faithful", which is why he is interested in Wii U. He is excited with the controller screen aspect, saying that it "transcends anything [hes] ever done before."

Riccitiello also detailed ways the screen could be implemented, including drawing a pass pattern in Madden or commanding an airstrike in an FPS. Although it is exciting to see such a large company getting behind a new market entrant, it is even more encouraging when its CEO is personally enthusiastic. Riccitiello had the following to say:

"I always find it breaks the spell for me when I’m playing a game with a squad and I have to stop the action and move up for them. Now I can just move them down here [on the tablet]. I think there’s something really powerful about a second screen that I think really matters. I think we’re just beginning to realize what we can do with it and I think it’s obvious we can do a lot with it."

We can only hope that these words are reflected in EAs offerings next year, and are not just hot air.

Source: Industry Gamers