Rumour also claims Nintendo are trying to develop an open online infrastructure, is how you know its a lie

In what seems to be one of the years most tenuous rumours, an anonymous intern at EA claims to have spoken to one of the companys network engineers, who said that EA is "aggressively pursuing" the possibility of Origin powering the Wii Us online store. The engineer highlighted the frustrations of various developers in dealing with the closed platform of Xbox Live and said that Nintendo is seeking to create an more open platform to avoid alienating publishers. Apparently Valve have also been holding talks with Nintendo to integrate Steam into the new consoles service, although Wii U Gos source implied that those negotiations were less advanced than EAs.

Although its not hard to imagine that such discussions have taken place, neither option seems entirely likely, especially given Nintendos restrictive online services of consoles and handhelds past. It is worth restating that this rumour is probably not worth the effort I put into rewording it and should only really be taken as an interesting talking point.

Source: WiiUGo