We knew something was brewing, now its confirmed

You know when you go into an EB Games store and the manager’s already played all those hot new games for Christmas and likes to rub it in like a dickhead? No? Well now you can settle the score, with EB Games today officially announcing the "EB Games Expo Gold Coast 2011".

The inaugural event will run on October 15th and 16th at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. Why the Gold Coast? Well that’s because this is essentially making the EB Games managers’ preview events public, so all the games they get to see early, you’ll be able to as well.

But that’s not all. The World Cyber Games competition will be happening and the National Championship Crown will be handed out that weekend. There’ll also be freestyle motocross… how that relates to games, we’re not sure. But whatever, it’s cool and hip right?

Rumours of the once-closed event going public have been floating around for weeks with Kotaku AU the first to report it.

Which games and publishers will be at the event remains to be seen. All of the publishers are usually there for the private event - how many of them will want some of their early wares shown off to the public (especially Nintendo) will remain to be seen.

Anyone on the Gold Coast attending?

Source: EB Games Expo