Game store ordered to remove all pre orders on imaginary games, or is it something more?

Last week EB it was widely reported that EB Games (slash Gamestop) were taking pre-orders for Donkey Kong 3D. So far, that’s a game that hasn’t been announced by Nintendo. We’ve now learned that this week EB Games have ordered all stores to ’destroy’ the slicks used for not only Donkey Kong 3D but also the imaginary Kirby 3D and Luigi’s Mansion 2 for Wii. We’re unable to confirm whether this is just EB Games head office reacting to the news or that Nintendo got involved.


There well may be a Donkey Kong game coming to the Nintendo 3DS in the future but it certainly not this one. There also will be a Kirby game coming to the 3DS at some point but Luigi’s Mansion 2 probably not coming to the Wii at this late in the consoles life.

If you want to pre-order a Donkey Kong game on the Nintendo 3DS, you’ll have to wait for Nintendo to announce one first.