Gears of War creators speak up about the Wii U, theyre keen on it

With the Wii being a low powered console it got ignored by a lot of developer folks. Even if they wanted to develop for it they couldnt as their engines or games were just not made with the Wii in mind. With the extra power the Wii U brings, developers are flocking back, at least in kind words to Nintendo. One of those developers if Unreal Engine developers and Gears of War creators Epic Games.

Ghost Recon Online uses the Unreal 3 Engine

Speaking to Industry Gamers, Epic President Mike Capps has said theyre very interested in the platform. Obivously this is far from an official confirmation. In fact he even says “We havent made an official announcement about that platform," but its possibly something to get excited about. He continues "And while we loved the Wii, it just wasnt a fit to make a game that would go across Xbox 360, PS3 and the Wii. It just wasnt possible. So going forward, were working with those folks and were very interested in the Wii U."

So we know the Unreal Engine is powering games on the Wii U already but what kind of game support can we except? Wishlists now please!

Source: Industry Gamers