Australia, New Zealand and Europe to get the game before the month is out

Its been a long time between drinks for WiiWare in Australia, but we know that if we get nothing soon theres at least be something on the way before the end of the month. Nnooo has announced that its latest WiiWare title escapeVektor will hit WiiWare on September 29th in all PAL regions.

escapeVektor looks retro but the enemy youre facing is none of than your own Wiis CPU. Youll have to fight and escape your way out of there. Its a grid based game that sees you fighting various enemies who try and catch you different ways. The more you play the harder it gets, just like the good old days.

Both the games stylized graphics and soundtrack seem to be mighty fine.

escapeVektor: Chapter 1 will be priced at 500 points.