What youll be playing day one, its filled with goodness

That didn’t take long! Nintendo Europe has now revealed the lineup for the European eShop launch titles. So how do you come to the conclusion that the Aussies are getting that too? Well we share everything with Nintendo Europe so don’t expect our line up to be much, if any, different to the titles below.

Our launch line up isn’t as exciting as the Japanese, we have no third party titles and less titles overall. However we do get a couple things Japan don’t.

Virtual Console

- Alleyway
- Super Mario Land
- Tennis

3D Classics

- Excitebike (Free until July 7th)

Original Titles
-Pokedex 3D (free)

If you’re wondering how much it’s all going to cost, well Nintendo Europe didn’t let us know - but we’ll follow it up with Nintendo Australia shortly for more details. New updates to the Nintendo eShop will come through now on Thursdays, we expect DSiWare and WiiWare updates to come through still on Fridays.

So what are you picking up?


Source: Nintendo Europe