This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Metroid series of games, and Nintendo is celebrating in muted style. Nintendo of America's official Twitter account reminded us to log into the 3DS e-shop to download the free version of Metroid Fusion we were promised as ambassadors, but that was it. Fans took to the cause with gusto, however, and a wave of fan-made art and musical projects have spread across the Internet.

Nintendo's lack of enthusiasm for one of its core franchises isn't surprising; Metroid has always been an odd duck among the company's games. Besides, Nintendo is busy worrying over the success, or lack thereof, for the 3DS and paving the way for the upcoming Wii U

No new Metroid games have been announced, but the upside is that Metroid remains one of the few series that Nintendo has not beaten into the ground. That's just fine: the game's hero, Samus Aran, has always been a loner.

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