Heres a reminder of whats coming out in Australian stores to round out the year

The silly season is upon us and with so many titles being pushed out in time for Christmas, it can be hard to keep track of the releases you care about. Nintendo is blowing out in December with some big hitters, not the least of which is a Mario Kart game. There is no doubt that there is lots to look forward to.

Kirby’s Adventure Wii (out December 1 for the Wii)

December starts off with a bang with Kirby’s Adventure Wii. Kirby returns with his signature ability to inhale enemies and copy their abilities, as he is tasked with collecting the scattered pieces of a crashed alien spaceship. The game features co-op multiplayer, so up to three of your friends can play as Meta Knight, King Dedede or Waddle Dee (or you can all play as Kirby if you can’t decide who gets to play as who) and drop in and out of your quest at any time.

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What we said in our review: “…a perfect follow-up to New Super Mario Bros. Wii and surprisingly even improves on the game’s infamous multiplayer. The combination of colourful and exciting environments, coupled with the step up from casual difficulty means that anyone of any age can enjoy this adventure.”

Professor Layton and the Last Specter (out December 1 for the DS)

This is the fourth game in the amazing Professor Layton series and details how Professor Layton met his apprentice, Luke Triton. There are over 170 puzzles in the game, including brain teasers, sliding puzzles, logic puzzles, peg solitaire and several other varieties. The game also includes a role-playing game called London Life, in which you create an avatar that can later be customised with clothing and accessories, and you can also trade items with other players. Lots of content here.

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Look out for our review of Professor Layton and the Last Specter very soon.

Limited Edition The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary 3DS (out December 1)

Nintendo has been going colour crazy with the 3DS this year, and already you can buy the system in four different colours—Aqua Blue, Cosmos Black, Flame Red and Lavender Pink. Well now there’s a new kid on the block and that’s this slick Zelda-themed design, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the renowned series. It’s only available at EB Games by the way.

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The cover features gold embellishments incorporating the Royal Crest, the Ocarina of Time and the Goddess’s Harp. Inside, the letters and marks on the buttons, and the 3D Depth Slider are gold. There’s even more gold around the Game Card slot and further embellishments on the back. Nintendo certainly hasn’t held back.

Wii Fit Plus Pack (out December 1)

Given the length of time the Wii has been out, this could possibly be the last bundle released for it (who knows?), and if you haven’t got a Wii yet—tell ’em Reggie—what’s wrong with you? The bundle contains the new configuration Wii (which doesn’t play GameCube games), a Wii Remote Plus, Nunchuk, Wii Fit Plus game and a Balance Board which is available in black for the first time.

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Wii Sports/Wii Sports Resort (out December 1 for the Wii)

If you’re new to the Wii scene and you bought one of Nintendo’s more recent Wii bundles that included Mario Kart Wii (or you’re buying the above bundle), then you’ll also want to pick up Wii Sports/Wii Sports Resort. Wii Sports was the game originally bundled with the Wii and at the time revolutionised the way we play video games. The game and its much bigger sequel are included on the one disc—that’s 17 sports altogether (though there may be some overlap between the two games)—so you can’t go wrong.

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We suspect that this one will be scarcely available, so you may have to ask around if you want it. Wii Sports Resort by itself, however, can be found in most good retailers right now.

Mario Kart 7 (out December 3 for 3DS)

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be buying this. Even if you don’t have a 3DS. Nintendo has pulled out the big guns with the multiplayer game of this summer in Mario Kart 7. The game introduces many firsts for the series—you can customise your kart to your heart’s content; you can drive in first-person view with motion controls; you can drive through the sky (with a glider attachment) and underwater; you can create a community to make it easy for you and your friends to gather and play online. And all of this in stunning 3D.

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Classic items make a return along with some crazy new ones, and as usual there’s a mixture of new courses with old favourites. It’s Mario Kart people, and it you will be buying it. Look out for our review very soon.

Super Pokémon Rumble (out December 8 for 3DS)

Super Pokémon Rumble takes place in a world called Toyland, where players must take on the role of Toy Pokémon as they navigate a series of imaginative levels. There are over 600 Pokémon to battle and collect. New Team Battle and Charge Battle modes provide fast-paced challenges that will thrill players of any experience level, while giant Boss Toy Pokémon will test the skills of even the most seasoned fans.

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Using a local wireless connection, you and a friend can play cooperatively in game areas that both of you have already completed, making it easier to collect more Toy Pokémon than usual. By using StreetPass, you can also challenge Toy Pokémon from the collections of other nearby players and view customised Mii characters within the game. Look out for our review of this, too, very soon.

We should bring up (for the thousandth time) Nintendo’s thrilling recent releases of Super Mario 3D Land and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, both being must-have games. Other titles that may interest you are Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy (action game) and F1 2011 (racing game) out on December 1, both for the 3DS.

As always, you can keep up-to-date on, err, Australian release dates via our calendar. It’s such an exciting time in the world of gaming, and if you’ve got a Nintendo console, there is plenty here to keep you busy over the holidays.