Including one screenshot in 3D...

The first screenshots for the compilation of all six Bit Trip games, Bit Trip Saga, have been released, including one in 3D for viewing on your 3DS.

The screenshots and new box art image are what you’d expect if you already know of the series. If you don’t the games are arcade games that hook you into trying to beat a high score just one more time. There are a variety of different games in Saga, including Bit Trip Beat, a pong-eque bat and ball game.

The games started out on Wiiware but have seen releases elsewhere including on the iPad.

Beat Trip are known for their trippy graphics and tunes, which will now be even more trippy that they are in 3D. Included with the other screenshots is a 3D screenshot you can download and view using the 3DS’s camera app. We certainly hope the eShop will show off games with 3D screenshots and videos when it comes out though, because removing the 3DS’s SD card to manually copy over screenshots is less than ideal.

Still, enjoy the screenshots and box art complements of Gameinformer.

Source: Gameinformer