We know its coming now, but what will the 3DS version bring

We all know its coming finally, however now weve got the first details on the Nintendo 3DS version of the game. Its good news too as it seems the Nintendo 3DS version will at least be comparable to the consoles HD versions.

The 3DS version is being directed by Tetsu Katano, he directed Sonic and the Black Knight that was on the Wii a couple of years back. The 3DS version will be a complete 2D side scroller in both modern and classic modes of the game. The game will play a lot like Sonic Colours and Sonic Rush.

Theres only one level shared between all the console versions and thats Green Hill Zone, the rest of the levels on the Nintendo 3DS will have are completely exclusive including Casino Night zone. The Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations will only have the characters essential to the story, that means none of Sonics friends. The Modern Sonic mode of the game will use the 3D display more than the classic sonic as hell move between the foreground and the background levels.

The other features of the Nintendo 3DS will be getting used to with StreetPass used to unlocked additional challenges, Play Coins can also unlock these modes. The 3DS versions also has a two player race mode but only for local multiplayer. Oh and a Wii version? According to Sega they want the console versions to be in HD, no hard feelings right?

Expect to see more of all versions of Sonic Generations early next month at E3.