The eShop isnt the only thing being added to the 3DS next week

Ever tapped that little globe icon on the top bar of the Nintendo 3DSs bottom screen? Yeah we havent either, because we knew there was nothing there! But rejoice, the Nintendo 3DSs web browser will be included in the system update that will also bring with it the Nintendo eShop. However, those expecting a really robust browser may be disappointed.

Unsurprisingly, no, there isnt Flash support. The CPU of the 3DS just isnt cut out for running something like Flash, plus the battery life is already pitiful enough as it is. The Adobe hate continues with PDF files also not being supported.

So what is supported then? Well this time you can not only save images in the browser to an SD card, but also view 3D images in the browser. Plus, theres the ability to save up to 64 favourite websites, and full parental controls to keep the kids away from the porn.

Web developers can also target the 3DS with certain meta tags, if you know what that means - check out this link instead.

The Nintendo 3DS browser is out on June 7th.

Source: Andriasang