Sakurai sits down with Iwata to talk about the next Smash Bros

While the next Super Smash Bros. isnt even in development yet, Project Sora director Masahiro Sakurai has sat down with Satoru Iwata to talk about the successor to Super Smash Bros Brawl and what might be in the game and what they can do to the series now. Talk about the next Smash Bros was first started directly after Brawl wrapped up development in 2008. This was about the same time Iwata asked Sakurai to make a 3DS game - he figured that fans would perhaps want the franchise on the 3DS but didnt want to make Sakurai to make another Smash Bros game right after another.

However once Sakurai thought about making a 3DS game, he was told about the Wii U and realised he would have to make it for both consoles. However, Kid Icarus had started production so while working on that he thought about what to do next on Smash Bros.

Sakurai didnt want to make just a bigger Smash Bros Melee or Brawl. Adding more characters and stages just wouldnt cut it. Both Sakurai and Iwata noted that the game lacks an individual experience at the moment, the game rewards you with collectables and trinkets and not necessarily making the game more yours. The problem with that is that fans like the way Smash Bros is now, and it could also impact the pick-up-and-play nature of the game. To combat this, Sakurai thinks the 3DS version will be used to train your character and make it a more personal experience and the Wii U remains public. For example, you could train up your player on the 3DS and then show your skills on the Wii U. Sakurai wants both versions to be fun but also to be more fun when played in conjunction with each other.

Sakurai also quickly commented on the power of the console. He believes that with the HD power, he can offer a game at 60 frames per second with dynamic effects and high quality graphics. Cant wait to see that.

Source: Andriasang