Now will us lowly PAL peasants get it as well? That is the question

With under a week to go Nintendo is finally confirmed some good old eShop content, next up is 3D Classics Excitebike. It’s the first classic title to get the 3D treatment and will be free for a limited time only. Japan was confirmed to be getting the game a while back and now it’s been confirmed for North America.

The game is an enhanced NES port (obviously now in 3D) with the games original two modes returning. The track editor is back as well and this time there are slots for 32 tracks to be saved. On the NES original, anything you made was lost when you powered down the console.

Now all that remains is to see is if Europe and Australia get the game, we’re betting we will. The eShop launches on the Nintendo 3DS this coming Monday.

Source: Nintendo World Report