John Carmack voices a positive outlook on the console, cites a "slam dunk" for id Tech 5

Its always a good sign for a console when one of the industrys developer mainstays shows this kind of interest in the technology. John Carmack, id Softwares technical director, has voiced his interest in putting the tablet controller to "good uses" and is happy to see Nintendos technology finally "in step" with current expectations.

Although Carmack did admit Nintendo was too controlling back in the Super Nintendo days, he acknowledges that the company has moved to a more hands-off approach since then. With id Tech 5 looking as though it would fit neatly in with the Wii Us architecture, Carmack believes that Nintendo made a "fairly intelligent decision" with the direction they are taking.

Screen from id Softwares RAGE on PC

Carmack also thinks that the tablet controller will be more useful than Move or Kinect, with the focus on the controller aspect and the tactile interface, as opposed to the emphasis on motion. He admits that its hard to develop motion controls for a game like RAGE, for which a traditional controller is necessary. Carmack thinks that the Wii U will see the same curve from initially a gimmick to an accepted standard, like the dual/touch screen aspect of the DS.

It will be interesting to see whether id decides to simply port RAGE for a quick buck, or designs an altogether unique experience just for Wii U.

Source: N-Europe