World of Goo developers hold survey, results not that surprising

Nintendo hasnt got the best reputation in the digital space, theyre trying to make things better but maybe theyre not there yet. Developer 2D Boy, the creators of World of Goo have conducted a survey with 200 or so independent developers. The purpose of this survey? To find out what services that independent developers had supported and were planning on working on in future.

While the survey paints a even worse picture for Microsoft and the Xbox Live Arcade service, Nintendo hasnt done too well either with 37% of developers calling their experience with Nintendo "excruciating" and 37% saying they were "difficult". Wed have to say though, it wouldnt be Nintendo without some difficulty. On the happier end of the scale, 21% say Nintendo are very easy to work with and just as happy are 21% saying that their experience was so-so. Android, Facebook, iOS (App Store) and Steam all rank higher than not only Nintendo and Microsoft but also Sony.

Nintendo has made some great strides in getting their online services to a good level, perhaps with the updates planned for the 3DS and the Wii U on the way, we can see not only online services get better for the developers but see that passed onto the consumer.

Source: 2DBoy