Terry Cavangh has revealed his hit 2D faux-retro platformer VVVVVV will be making its way over to our 3DS’ eShops sometime later this year. The press release implies the release will be called VVVVVVersion, but that doesn’t seem nearly silly enough. The port is being aided by Nicalis, the same devs who worked to bring Cave Story over to WiiWare and the 3DS, so big props to them. For the most part it seems to be a fairly standard port, although Cavangh revealed that the game will feature some of his personal favourite user made levels on the initial download, with more available to download later on.

Additionally, like many existing games being moved over to the DS and 3DS, the bottom screen will now be dedicated to the map. But unlike most games, this is actually amazing for VVVVVV. For those who havn’t played it, VVVVVV has a smattering of open world gameplaye and you end up needing to pull open that map screen all the time.

While there’s no indication when in 2011 the game will come out, there’s not long left. Stay tuned and lets hope for no Australian delay.

Source: DistractrionWare Blog