Intends to stay the course, no further 3DS price drops

In an interview with Japanese business paper Nikkei Nintendo president Saturo Iwata said the company won’t consider developing mobile games, lest it compromise its integrity. While he did acknowledge that it would probably boost the company’s ailing stock in the short term, it would compromise one of the company’s long term strengths. “Having a hardware development team in-house is a major strength. Its the duty of management to make use of those strengths”. He added that he saw no reason why packaged games couldn’t see continued success in the market and believes he needs to “show impressive numbers” to prove it.

When asked about the price drop, Iwata repeatedly stressed that it was a “desperate decision” to remove “that big hurdle” for consumers. While he believes the holiday sales numbers will vindicate his decision, he took care to mention that he saw this price drop as the “first and last” for the system. Nikkei also commented on the Wii’s strong software lineup for 2012, given the release of the Wii U, spearheaded by Dragon Quest X. Iwata agreed, making it clear that he saw the console continuing on in different demographics to the Wii U, in a way which seems reminiscent of Sony’s position on the PS2.

Big thanks to Andriasang for this translation. For a change I tried putting the article through Google translate this time... let’s just say the results weren’t quite so illuminating.