Finally, something to go with your Skyward Swordmote

If you live in Japan and have a whole bunch of Club Nintendo points stored up, today is your lucky day! Nintendo has you covered with these unusually useful points rewards. First up is a gold painted Nunchuck, which should go well with your limited edition Skyward Sword Wiimote. While itll set you back a mere 600 points, I am a tad sad that the connection cord is white, foiling my master plan to really pimp my Nintendo experience. Additionally, if youve registered Skyward Sword the chuck will only set you back 400 points. That offers only going to last till February 20 though, so get on that if you find a golden Wiimote under the Christmas tree.

The second item, which is perhaps more useful if less flashy, is a 3DS game holder which will hold up to 18 3DS games. Yep. Way more 3DS game slots than there are decent games for the 3DS, although they should still hold your DS games at a pinch. This case is priced far more modestly, costing 150 points.

Source: Andriasang