Sells more than double in 4 days than in all of June in the US.

The 3DS sold a whopping 207,000 units in Japan last week following the drastic price drop we were all so shocked by just a few weeks ago. To put this into perspective, the system only moved a mere 4,000 units in the previous week, although some of that low number can be attributed to people waiting for the imminent drop. It’s also worth noting that the although the sales are for the week of the 8th to 14th, the price drop only came into effect on the 11th, so the it’s likely that the overwhelming majority of those systems were sold in only four days.

The numbers are a stark contrast to the US retail numbers for July, which were released by NPD earlier today. Over the entirety of July, the system only sold approximately 90,000 units, the lowest month for the system yet (possible due to the price cuts being announced). Perhaps more telling however, are the software sales figures for the month. While 6 of the top 10 selling games were on Nintendo platforms, the only Nintendo game in the list was the New Super Mario Bros DS, which is now six years old! It will be interesting to see how the price drops translate over to the western market.

Source: Andriasang