Sad news all around as Konami puts the final nail in the Hudson coffin

When Konami bought Hudson in April last year things werent looking good. Konami dumped most of the games in development with the company and instead focused the legendary developer on making social games. That plan hasnt worked out it seems, as the Konami has today announced that the company will be closing completely on March 1st.

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Never going to happen.

Hudson has been not only a developer of popular titles such as the Bomberman series but also had their hand in helping create the Mario Party series for Nintendo amongst others. Hudson also created hardware, with the PC Engine and TurboGrafx-16 systems under its belt.

Its not certain what will happen to Hudsons IP; will Konami keep it for themselves or could another developer be allowed to step up to the plate? Perhaps someone could even make the next big Bomberman title.

Source: NintendoLife