Features 60FPS in 3D, Full 3D CG Movie if youre inclined

The latest iteration in everyones port heavy 3D fighter is set to hit our shores in late February, Nintendo has revealed. Although the exact date is TBD, we are going to be enjoying the magic of 60FPS 3D around about the same time as our international friends. The game features a massive 40+ character roster, although Namco Bandai have made it nice and easy for you to wrap your head around this by making most of the characters fairly similar. Obligatory jab aside, it sounds like a pretty damn good portable version of Tekken, neatly sidestepping SSF4:3Ds problem of only allowing 30FPS in online fights.

Additionally, the game does come with an EXCLUSIVE 3D CG movie, to the tune of Tekken: Blood Vengeancewhich is made Digital Frontier, also responsible for Death Note and Appleseed. Perhaps less promising is that the film is directed by Youichi Mouri, whose unique claim to fame are the Tekken opening FMVs.

Check it out in February.